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Thanksgiving week...


Thank you for all the families who adjusted their schedule this last week. Please remember every team has 1 practice this week. We realize it is a HOLIDAY week but we need the reps. 

Next, please make sure all paperwork, and financial dues are in. Then, please make sure to check the FEBA website for any schedule changes or current info. Our entire schedule is out...Each family needs to get "The Sports Engine App." It has all our FEBA info and it will be the best tool for our FEBA families...

Finally, we have a FEBA clinic this Saturday November 28 at Marble Valley Academy. If you are serious about your game then your player will be there. Please contact Coach Todd if your family is interested. Space is VERY limited and I am bringing in a "RINGER."

Happy Holidays!!!

3rd grade girls /4th grade girls

Maddyn Cate/Kaliyah Harrison/Leia Lee/Ellie McCann/Ava Moss/Mackenzie Outslay/Anna Pelka/Hailey Rehkopf/Livy Carlile/Landyn Collie

5th grade girls

Paige Armstrong/Lana Bracero/Camille Crowson/Katie Elguindy/Kelsey Frank/Lily Ghanzafari/Addison Hemans/Zoe Hieb/Maddelyn Wiese/Avery Moore

6th grade girls

Lexi Davis/Ava Lee/Molly Mcbride/Sam Morales/Kennedy Mulgannon/Anastasia Outslay/Laurel Smart/Addi Smith/Laney Warrington/Katie Whaley

7th/8th grade girls

Pavielle Aulakh/Kylie Bingaman/Brooklyn Frank/Kendyl Collie/Brooklyn Graham/Casey Dreiling

8th grade girls

Kiana Arbis/Lily Bingaman/Delaney Dixon/Fiona Gordon/Dixie McLanahan/ Ellie Thome/Sofia Williams/Sammie Porter

Boys Teams

3rd grade

Hunter Smith/Myer Higgins/Isaac Mcbride/Shahar Keinan/Beckett Scheffel/Bo Leighton/Zane Hillis/Mace Hodson/Parker Gause/Chase Truer

4th grade

Bentley Bowen/Sam Degraff/Miles Lange/Declan Dixon/Everett Hakes/Buster Anderson/Brady Ghio/Luca Miller/Cayden Stover

5th grade

Alex Backus-O'Bryan/Zeke Boutte/Logan Farrell/Jordan Le/Rockwell Lyons/Nicolas Martinez/Maxwell Mendoza/Aaden Monib/Trystan Pangilinan/Jalen-Todd Pierce/Bryce Saint Evans/Roman Schwarzinger/Colby Stroh/Christian Takkunen/Jesse Thome/Ryan Mallet/Colin Graham/Parker Anderson

6th grade

Connor Rehkopf/Easton Bowen/Austin Cate/Malachi Coleman/Michael Callahan/Kellen Garcia/Derrick Harrington/Andrew Hook/Jace Reeves/Jax Kelley/Cameron Shular/ Mateo Velasquez/Cole Walker/Max Higgins/Oliver Bollen/William Hakes

7th grade

Jake Castro/EJ Coleman/Joshua Gonzaga/Tariq Lofton/Alvin Mitchell//Scott Nardinelli/Ryan Polich/Timothy Rusanov/Kaiden Sadler/Jonah Stegall/Evan Thomas/Sebastian Upshire/Dylan Wolfe/Cade Rucker/Mason Brawley/Mathew Choi/Maximus Maldonado

8th grade

Cade Greenmun/Kaiser Bowen/Bayden Fellows/Aundre Fowler/Jaron Hodson/Ryder Lyons/Daniel Powers/Chase Rawlins/Emerson Santos/Milo Weiner/Jasper Wu/Blaise Williams/Joaquin Rodriguez/LJ Bridges/Chase Dinaberg

Get your AAU card!

If you are fortunate enough to join FEBA this winter you will need to get an AAU card... Click on this link ---> AAU Card.   The FEBA club code is WYDF4Y.  Get the EXTENDED AB card for $16.  This is very important!  Thanks & Best wishes when we start tryouts! 

Todd Bragonier

FEBA Co-Director

Phone: 916-221-0105

Mike Wall

FEBA C0-Director

Phone: 916-662-5530

Twitter information!

Get up-to-speed on all FEBA action this season! The easiest way to get information is via Twitter! Teams will have successes & scores posted regularly. Follow @febahoops or check into the FEBA home page in order to be in the know!

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