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1) Players arrive 15 minutes early to ALL practices. Your son or daughter should be wearing FEBA practice gear. We realize our players do NOT drive so please get them to practice 15 minutes early so we can start on time. 

2) All Players arrive 30 minutes early to ALL games. They should be in FEBA uniforms and FEBA socks. Also, players should have a FEBA warm up for games.

3) If players are to miss FEBA events for ANY reason then please let their coach know and Co-Director Todd Bragonier. There is more to life then basketball but this will affect playing time as it is unfair to those players who make all events. 

4) AAU is NOT equal playing time. FEBA has two primary goals...We want to win games and we want ALL players to improve. This might mean your son or daughter does not get equal times in games. However, if you have questions in regards to playing time please direct them to your players coach. 

 5) Each family has a financial obligation to fulfill and we need everyone to honor the code of conduct all families signed. This means please understand our 24 hour rule. Your family may not agree with something a coach does and this is ok. Unfortunately, there is a time and a place to discuss things. We ask all families to "hold their tongue" until at least 24 hours later so all people involved can have a calm conversation. 

6) All tournament schedules are usually posted on Thursday nights before the Saturday tournaments. We find out at the same time families do.

7) Please make sure to download the sports engine app. This is the main source of FEBA communication...

Get your AAU card!

If you are fortunate enough to join FEBA this winter you will need to get an AAU card... Click on this link ---> AAU Card.   The FEBA club code is WYDF4Y.  Get the EXTENDED AB card for $16.  This is very important!  Thanks & Best wishes when we start tryouts! 

Todd Bragonier

FEBA Co-Director

Phone: 916-221-0105

Mike Wall

FEBA C0-Director

Phone: 916-662-5530

Twitter information!

Get up-to-speed on all FEBA action this season! The easiest way to get information is via Twitter! Teams will have successes & scores posted regularly. Follow @febahoops or check into the FEBA home page in order to be in the know!

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